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Deep Cleanse Facial

All products used are organic by Natural Elements.

45 minutes………..£40

(Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extraction massage & moisturise including head massage)

A balancing and relaxing treatment for oily and normal to oily skins. It includes a lymphatic drainage massage for face scalp, neck and shoulders.

70 minutes………..£65

(Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extraction massage, mark tone & moisturise including facial reflexology, face, scalp, neck, shoulder, legs, arms & head massage)

A complete facial treatment to benefit all skin types using products to suit your individual needs. (Cleanse, ex foliate, steam, extraction massage, mask tone and moisturise)


First the therapist will remove your makeup and take a close look at your skin. She will be able to determine your skin type, any conditions like dehydration, talk to you about any sun damage, pore size, skin congestion and capillary activity.

Then she will cleanse & exfoliate the skin. then will steam, this will hydrate and soften your skin, i would use an enzyme that works a little differently. What it does is dissolve the dead stuff , dirt and oil. its much more gentle. It will also boost your cell metabolism.

Then they will remove the product and take another look at your pores, maybe in your ears too(people get blackheads there too). then start extractions, this is great to remove all those stubborn blackheads, which 

are basically oxidized oil that has hardened in the pore. you want to get them out often because if they stay too long your pore like the 

Richmond Facial

rest of your skin could loose elasticity and become much larger.

she will finish up by using a toner, this will remove any residue and bacteria as well as correct your PH. our skin is naturally acidic, while most cleansers are alkaline. the alkaline softens the skin for extractions but if its not corrected then you can become more dehydrated. and that leads to lines and possible more breakouts.

after there is a massage that stimulates the basil cell layer (where cells are born)

then a masque. this will be for your skin type or condition, this will soothe your skin and help correct the condition.

after that is removed she will apply a serum that is like skin food for your particular skin type, a toner to close the pores and a sunblock/ moisturizer to seal and protect your skin.

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