Natinuel Seba Fluid 12

Natinuel Seba Fluid 12

Natinuel_Seba_Fluid_12_Face_FluidNatinuel Seba fluid 12 is a specific product for skin with excessive oiliness and acne. Were selected active with additional biochemical characteristics.

This product ensure regulation of sebum, an antibacterial, keratolytic, sanitizing and soothing action.

With this multi-activities are created hygiene and functional skin conditions, ideal for the regression and normalization of oily skin and acne.
– Delete blackheads
– Normalize excessive sebum secretion
– Promotes regression of acne
– Strong disinfectant action
– Reduces inflammation
– Helps the skin to regain its integrity and functionality with an aesthetic appearance impeccable

Active Ingredients
– VitaminPP
– AHAs
-Azelaic Acid
-Sebacic Acid
-Sebomine SB12

How To Use

Apply the fluid on the clean dry skin once or twice a day to the problematic area and massage gently until totally absorbed.

Suitable for Normal and Oily Skin.

Capacity 50ml.

Made in Italy.

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