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Hi, my name is Bam, i was born in North East Thailand, which is flat land for farming and growing rice.Thai_Massage_Therapist_Bam

I have been trained in massage since i was young. I love the job that i am doing very much and really enjoy working with my clients while i treat them. My clients are really kind and friendly.

I trained in original Thai massage at Wad Pho in Thailand and trained at my cousins spa. I have 10 years experience and set up this business in October 2011 

I am a friendly and easy going person, so i will give you good company and relax.

I provide Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Facial, Foot Massage, Reflexology and Waxing.






Located in: Amber Beauty Therapy Suite, 125 St Margarets, St Margarets, TW1 1RG,

(next to the flower shop and near to St Margarets Station.)

Ring me to book an appointment:

Tel: 0208 891 0999

Mobile: 07877 513473



Thai_Massage_Therapist_GeorgeI am from Athens in Greece and trained in Physiotherapeutic Massage in 2010. I have worked with private clients as well as patients recuperating.

Using Reflexology within the athletes in particular football players, this has given me good experience in muscular and skeletal reflexology. 

I include Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage plus Shiatsu combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine for acupressure massage and good energy flow.

My clients say they feel relaxed and no stress afterwards.

Have been living in the UK since 2015. 


Please Ring:

Thai Massage Salon in St Margaret, Richmond Upon Thames to make an appointment and hope to see you enjoying your massage.

Tel: 0208 891 0999

Mobile: 07877 513 473

Book Appointment:
Ring or Text For An Appointment:

07877 513 473


Our Location

125 St Margarets Road

St Margarets TW1 1RG

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